What are fractals?

“Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles and bark is not smooth nor does lightning travel in a straight line.” – Benoit Mandelbrot, who brought the use of fractals into mathematics and scientific applications. 

Fractals Universe

Fractals are mysterious and they are powerful. Meditating on an image of a fractal can take you deeper within yourself. That is because, well, you are a fractal! That is to say, everything within your physical body is based on fractal patterning. You can connect with the energy of coherence by this meditation, or simply studying a fractal. That is to say, you come more into alignment with yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. 

A fractal is a picture that tells the story of the process that created it. Fractals are found all over nature. We find the same patterns again and again, from the tiny branching of our blood vessels to neurons to the branching of the trees, lightning bolts and river networks.
Fractals In Human Lungs
Examples of fractals, which are similar and self-repeating patterns at their essence, are all over the human body. These include the neurons in our brain, the branches of the lungs starting with the lungs themselves, and then branching right down to the tiny alveoli where oxygen exchange occurs. 
The patterns of nature may seem haphazard or at times chaotic. However, they are nothing of the sort. Fractal patterns are present thought nature. These self repeating patterns are present in a tree (with its own exquisite branching system), within a lightning bolt and in all the movements of the ocean. It is an absolute fascinating study that ultimately takes us to a deeper meaning of ourselves. After all, the saying goes, “As above, so below. As within, so it is outside. As the universe, so the soul..” – Hermes Trismegistus
Mandelbrot Fractal Pattern
Mandelbrot Fractal Pattern
Benoit Mandelbrot brought the essence of fractals into mathematics. He was able to use a mathematic calculation which replicated the essence of a fractal, that is the self-repeating patterns. This equation has been used a myriad of times in scientific applications, computer program generation and much more. This was a relatively recent discovery, going back to about 1980. In fact, it was Mandelbrot’s son who came across the word fractus, meaning broken, fractional or irregular. He coined the word fractal. Though the idea of fractals in the form of self-similarity is an ancient one, it took Mandelbrot to give this concept a modern name that has really stuck. The concept of fractals makes sense when one considers all things in nature.
If you are a user of the Genius Insight App (, you can use the energy of fractals in your biofeedback balancing protocols. Use fractals in these instances:
1) When you want to heal something in the physical body. Fractals restore things to their perfect order. While nature lives by perfect patterning rules and order, a human being sometimes get things a little out of balance!
2) When you want to manifest something, like a business, a house, a song, an art project or anything like this. Following or meditating on fractal patterning puts you in connection with the perfect creative force of the universe!
3) At the beginning of any trip, project, or venture, introduce the energy of fractals. By aligning oneself with the frequency of fractals, the unfolding of the venture will be in alignment with perfect order and natural patterns.
A Romanesco is a fractal example
A Romanesco is a fractal example
To do this with your Genius Insight App: 
1) Do an initial scan at System Overview.
2) Scan the Biofield frequencies.
3) Scan Sacred Geometry.
4) Select Fractals and place it in the Main Hold Tray.
5) Test anything else that you like or place Custom Library affirmations also in the hold tray. These would be affirmations about your successful venture. Example, “I give thanks for the overflowing abundance and balance of $80,888 already in my checking account.” (Assuming that this is what you are trying to manifest) “I give thanks for the vision to create my perfect healing center and give thanks for its growing wonderful success and financial abundance.”
6) Place all desired items in the Main Hold Tray and set the timer for your desired time period.
7) Use the Progressive Insights for your desired time period by hitting the play button at the Main Hold Tray.
Fractals Picture

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