Weight Release Script for Amazing Success


Weight Release Success

This is your script for weight release and attainment of a fit and healthy body. Use it daily by:

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  • Reading it out loud.
  • Singing it out loud to your own tune! Super powerful because the tones you choose will be meaningful.
  • Create each one as an affirmation in your Genius.
  • Create the entire script as one Neuro-Remedy or a few separate recordings as a Neuro Remedy (If you do not currently own the Genius, you can try your script with a 15 Day no CC required free trial. Go to


In this script, different topics are purposely interspersed among affirmations of perfection and manifestation.


Script 1:

I give thanks for the successful attainment of a fit and healthy body that has released excess weight, which is really excess energy.


I am now releasing weight.


I come into alignment with my inner being, which supports my optimal health and wellness and where I have already realized this.


I am now completely releasing any excess weight knowing it is safe to do so.


My thyroid is functioning perfectly and supports my weight release.


My metabolism is functioning perfectly and supports the weight loss all of my activities.

I take actions, both conscious and unconscious, each day that support the release of excess   weight 100% in terms of what is optimal for me.


I now support my most fit body and my most healthy body.


My adrenal glands are functioning perfectly in every way and are generating an abundance of energy and contribute to my healthy metabolism.


I completely support weight release in my body.


My cortisol levels are perfectly supported and are more robust in the morning and then are lower at night to support sleep, rest and rejuvenation.


All of my cells are pulsating with tremendous energy and generating the optimal amount of ATP for a powerful metabolism.


I now allow my body to become the most perfect and ideal weight for myself I am now taking action conscious and unconscious to do movement physical movement to support my weight.


I now release any blockages I have towards doing daily movement and embrace healthy exercise.


Script 2:

To support this perfect weight release, my hypothalamus, pituitary gland , adrenal , thyroid and reproductive organs are working together in perfect harmony and cooperation.


My glands and hormones are all functioning in perfect concert and produce the correct amounts at the proper time.


I am so grateful for the fit body I’m already attained I am feeling so joyful about being able to move around in the world in a fit and healthy body.


I take all actions conscious and unconscious in order to promote a fit healthy body that takes delight in being in the world.


I now consciously program my DNA should be in perfect cooperation in every way for mentally physically emotionally and even in the fascia to support healthy weight release.


My digestive system, including my liver and gallbladder all work together to perfectly support weight release and the attainment of a fit and healthy body.


I give thanks now that this fit and healthy body has already arrived and I am celebrating being in it now.


Script 3


I carry myself in a way that shows that this weight release has already arrived.  I acknowledge that at any point, my body is perfectly acceptable and wonderful just as it is.


I give thanks for my digestion, my stomach acid, my liver, my gallbladder and my pancreas that are all working perfectly in order to powerfully digest my food and make the most of my energy and perfect metabolism.


My appetite is now adjusting itself perfectly to take in the correct amount of calories. I now release craving and excess of food.


I now enjoy every bite that I eat and I each bit I eat supports my weight loss.


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