Join my 21-Day Detox!


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Come detox with us! Would you like to:

  • Heal your digestion?
  • Cleanse your liver?
  • Clear your lymphatics and feel better?
  • And….reintroduce foods you did not think you could eat before this detox?

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Do you enjoy:

  • Delicious recipes
  • Feeling more mental clarity
  • Releasing a few extra pounds!

If so, join me for my 21-Day Detox!

Spicy Red Lentil Soup

My 21-Day Detox includes:

  • Outline of Detox and Daily recommended schedule
  • Recipe book for your program (Delicious breakfasts, lunch and dinners. All plant-based. Green juices, green smoothies and warm broth and soup recipes perfect for winter weather).
  • Foods to enjoy explained (plant-based, oil-free and super yum).
  • Optimal foods to eat for the season.
  • Custom Libraries for your Genius for your Detox! Use them each day and create an energetic AND physical detox!
  • Liver cleanse strategies
  • How to re-set your digestive fire
  • Heal your gut lining with ancient secrets like “kitchari” and more!
  • Use anti-inflammatory herbs in your food guide!
  • Lymphatic cleanse instructions
  • Learn how to reclaim foods into your food plan with a HEALTHY, restored digestion (stop eliminating everything!)
  • How to use beets to thin your bile and support methylation
  • 3 live support and educational classes, all recorded and sent to you. Learn to why salt and fat absolutely choke your vessels, why you may have heart disease and not know it and why you MUST take steps to heal it today!
  • Energy medicine is great for healing the body but it MUST be laid down on a firm foundation of plant-based nutrition. I will explain WHY!
  • Unlimited e-mail questions


Answers to your questions here:

  • Do I need to take or buy supplements? No, this is mainly a food-based cleanse with the exception of some hot/cold treatments, optional castor oil treatments and optional coffee enemas (NOT required).
  • Do I need to fast? No. You do NOT. Eat during the entire program.
  • Is this really a detox with such delicious foods? Yes, removing sugar, added salt, processed foods and dairy can result in a powerful detox and healing of the gut, liver and lymphatics!
  • Can I eat meat or dairy? Your program for 21 days does not include meat or dairy.
  • Will I feel different after the cleanse? Yes! You will shine from the inside out!
  • Do the recipes take lots of time? They are fast to prepare and there are lots of options you can pick up from your local health food store.
  • Are the classes recorded? Yes, they are!
  • Is there a discount if I get a friend to join me? Yes, take 10% off your cleanse?
  • How much is it? Register before January 19th for a DISCOUNT! See below.
  • Total for your Cleanse: $247. Save $150 before January 19th.
  • Cleanse begins on Tuesday, January 24th at 4pm Pacific and are recorded and sent t you the very next day.
  • Register NOW to reserve your space in the 21 Day Detox!

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