Master methylation and Thrive!

Master Methylation!
Master Methylation!

You may have heard about a process that takes place in the body called “methylation.” Somewhere in there, you may have perceived that this is an important process that needs quite a bit of support and proper nutrition in order to maintain proper function in the body. While that is correct, exactly what is the process of methylation? Why is it important? Could it make a difference in your life to learn about it and to even do genetic testing to learn about any possible interruptions to optimal methylation in your body? It is very likely that learning more about this important and far reaching process could have a profound impact on your health and on your longevity!

Does the pathway listed below fascinate you? It’s not as daunting as it looks. You CAN understand this and learn why this is such POWERFUL information!

Methylation is the main way that we process many necessary reactions in the body.

Poor methylation can result in the following:

  • Low production of glutathione, one of the most important antioxidants in the body. Glutathione greatly assists with detoxification in the body and is considered the master antioxidant in the body.
  • Low production of biopterin, leading to low neurotransmitters and depressed or altered mood.
  • Increased amounts of ammonia in the body due to problems with the BH4 pathway. Ammonia can affect the health of your entire body. Learn how to correct this imbalance.
  • Deficiencies in your methylation can result in increased amounts of peroxynitrite and superoxide.
  • Decreased production of nitric oxide in your body, which is important for healthy circulation and cardiovascular health and Alzheimer’s prevention.
  • Low ability to absorb or use folic acid affecting one’s ability to healthfully product hormones and mood chemicals.
Powerful Glutathione
Powerful Glutathione

It isn’t that difficult to understand and use this powerful information about detoxification. hormonal production and more. You should only try to learn about methylation if you want to do the following:

  • Protect your DNA from damage.
  • Protect your vessels from free radical damage.
  • Create healthy hormones.
  • Have balanced brain chemicals (called neurotransmitters).
  • Be protected more from heavy metal toxic exposures.
  • Begin to understand the very best nutrition for yourself.
  • Slow the process of aging, look younger and enhance your longevity.
Personalized Medicine
Personalized Medicine

Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

What is included in this 2-part live class?

  • 2 Live classes with Dr. Ariel Policano with a Q&A time as well.
  • Invitation to get your genetics analyzed along with a separate interpretation of your SNP’s from Strategene (these reports not included but can be purchased from the respective companies and can get a brief interpretation during the 30 minute consult with Ariel).
  • Free 30 minute consultation with Dr. Ariel.
  • Learn how stress and infections greatly affect your ability to methylate! Learn if you might have genetic changes in your DNA that make you less able to properly detoxify these from your body.
  • Learn the basic functions of methylation and understand the basic components on the methylation table.
  • Learn about the homocysteine pathway and how to reduce inflammation in your body.
  • Learn about the biopterin pathway and know how to improve your brain chemistry.
  • Get powerful Custom Libraries for your Genius that test points in the methylation pathways and help you to balance for optimal function.
  • Learn at least 3 balancing sequences for your Genius to harmonize your DNA, Chromosomes, inherited changes in your DNA called SNP’s.
  • Learn why beets may be the most powerful vegetable you eat to support methylation (this is why the beet powder craze is growing!)
  • Get real food recipes to support methylation in your body.
  • Learn how to get your DNA analyzed and better understand your SNP’s by a very special report.
  • Get to know the difference between folic acid, methyl folate and folinic acid and which one is best for you.
  • Understand more about SAM-e, one of the most powerful methylators in the body.
  • Be clear about the very best form of B12 for you – Methylated B12 vs. Hydroxycobalamin vs. Cyanocobalamin and more.
  • Understand the uses of glutathione as a supplement and which one is best to take.

Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

Regularly $249, this class is on a very special offer for just $97 until January 15th!

Class begins in Tuesday, January 24th at 4pm Pacific! Be a part of this exciting class! Be with us LIVE and have the opportunity to ask questions. Get a powerful 30 minute session with Dr. Ariel to ask ANY questions you currently have about your health! Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!

Join this 2 Part class and master methylation!


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