The Power of Glutathione

If you have ever have attended any of my classes, you probably have heard glutathione mentioned as an important supplement. This is because it is a key supplement for the detoxification process of the liver. Each and every day, our liver may be challenged by toxins, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, food allergens, GMO foods and much more.

Your liver is a filter of sorts. It is a tremendous source of protection from the development of chronic illness. How do we maximize the function of this very powerful and important organ in the body? The liver is powerful for many reasons. One important one, is its ability to take toxic substances and process them so they are significantly less toxic. Then, it works along with the kidneys and large intestine to ultimately remove these substances from the body. Good daily hydration with quality spring water and a high fiber diet will aid in that elimination.

Inside the liver itself, there is a biochemical process called the Cytochrome P450 system. For this system to work properly, we need certain vitamins and amino acids. One of the most important is glutathione. This assists the body in the ability to detoxify significantly. 

When considering a type of glutathione, look at liposomal glutathione. It is far easier to absorb this and to utilize this form. Check out Advanced Liposomal glutathione here

Dr. David Perlmutter has done IV glutathione treatments with Parkinson’s patients. You can see the power of glutathione with the before and after experience in this video. 


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