The Kuberakolam – Magnet for Prosperity

The Kuberakolam is a numerical sequence. It is based on the Hindu god, Kubera, the god of wealth. The kuberakolam is typically drawn with rice flour on the floors of houses in South India (the kolam is a sacred form of painting using rice flour). It is meant to bring good energy into the home and to welcome abundance. Here it is just meaning this particular form of the drawing, shown below.

Aligned Kuberakolam
Aligned Kuberakolam

The magic numbers, in their particular arrangement and in 3 rows and 3 columns are known as the magic square. This order and arrangement creates a frequency. That frequency draws prosperity, good fortune and financial success. Each row and each column (up, down and the main diagnonals) all add up to 72. This is a sacred number and there is a coherence to the entire square in the 72 being represented along all of these lines.

Viewing the magic square and meditating on the numbers is what connects you to the energy of prosperity. I have taken the Kubera number sequence and superimposed in on Frank Chester’s chestahedron. The chestahedron is a represntation of the energy that permeates the heart. It is a vortex. There is a similar vortex giving power to the left ventricle of the heart. Combine the connection with, and clearing of, the heart with the desire to manifest prosperity. The result: manifestation that is in alignment with your highest self. Try meditating on this Kuberakolam each morning as you review or focus on your daily goals, aspirations and intentions.

Kubera also has some specific mantras. Reciting these mantras also are powerful sacred sounds that attract money, abundance, good fortune and success.

Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem

Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteswarawaay Namah

Please share your comments below about how you feel after meditating of focusing on the Kuberakolam, the chestahedron sacred geometrical shape or the Kubera Prosperity Mantras. Here’s to your success and abundance!


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  • Hector Ramos

    My name is Hector Ramos From New York City the number 72 is in the chestahedron the chestahedron has 3 kite shapes at a 72 degree angle each 72×3=216hz 2 chestahedron = 432Hz ♡+♡=432Hz the love tone of to hearts in resonance the word chestahedron anagramed has the words heart, earth,sacred, secret, tones,code,ascend, reactor , sands,create,sheath, core,cathode, anode, stone,tones, sentence The chestahedron the earth’s sacred Heart at the earth’s core to ascend the earth to a second sacred earth that has no chaos a sacred ethos code create a sacred chestahedron stone reactor at the desert Sands to ascend the sacred tones to the earth’s sheath the tones sacred chestahedron tones to ascend the earth’s race the no chaos ethos the teacher chester created the dornach ethos the ancestor sacred secret code . The chestahedron is more then a form it contains a torah like book the word torah is in the word chestahedron who unfolds the 7 seals the chestahedron has 7 faces side’s the kalesvara mudra is called the pyramid heart mudra this is the mudra the chestahedron anagramed tells to create a chestahedron pyramid sacred stone reactor to ascend a beam to the earth’s ionosphere sheath using the sacred chestahedron tones 216hz and 432hz Google alex putney global tri thalamic entrainment sanskrit research Google heart alex putney and this page notice the pyramid heart ♡ the article.

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