Raise your vitality through your kidney health!

kidneys2What is your current kidney health? Have you had it assessed? What does all of this matter, anyway? Your kidneys among the most important functioning organs of the body. They receive a quarter of all the cardiac output in the body! They do a tremendous amount of important work for the body. What is concerning is that kidney disease is quickly on the rise. Why? How can you prevent it?

What does Chinese medicine say about the kidneys? According to this system of medicine, the kidneys are very much related to the health of the bone and the health of your hair! Would optimizing kidney health assist you in maintaining bone density and keeping lush and healthy hair throughout life? Yes! You just need to know how…


Chinese medicine also focuses on the jing energy. Focusing on jing is immensely important. What do you do to preserve and maximize kidney jing? Certain herbs, such as astragalus, reishi,  ginseng rehmannia and more are absolutely basic requirements for your long-term vital health.

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The kidneys also help with blood pressure regulation. Do you often feel bloated? Do you find that your blood pressure has been going up and feel helpless to control it? The truth is that your kidneys regulate the fluids in your body. If you help your kidneys to do the job they were meant to do (with certain herbs, like juniper berry), you will find that you may have a slimmer tummy…and a lower blood pressure reading. The pervasive use of NSAIDS like ibuprofen and the tendency for people to not drink enough water or use caffeinated drinks as a substitute is all contributing to decreased kidney function.. What is going on with your kidneys? What are the most important lab tests to have done? What are the most important things you can do to maximize your kidney health?

Learning how your kidneys work from a Western perspective, along with understanding how Chinese medicine views the kidney system and understanding some basic herbs and nutrition for your kidneys could make all the difference in the world.

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Please join me for an exciting 4 part webinar series, beginning on Tuesday, October 18th at 5pm Pacific. Here are the details:

Maximize Your Vitality through kidney health

Class 1 The Physiology of your Kidneys, Recent studies on the impact of Ibuprofen on kidney health, important lab values for kidney health.

Class 2 Herbal Medicine and Nutrition for Kidney Health, including Unda Drainage remedy information and special Gemmotherapy for the kidneys.

Class 3 Chinese Medicine, Kidney Jing, Kidney Yin, Bone and Hair Health

Class 4 Broths for kidney health, Herbal tonics and teas, special exercises and practices to maximize kidney health. Special cellular healing visualization for kidneys.

Register now for Kidney Wisdom with Dr. Ariel! <— click here to register!

Please join us for this incredibly powerful series by registering here. The series will be recorded and available for you to listen to as many times as you wish. This may be one of the most important series you attend!




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