Save $$$ in supplements – and save your life!

How much do you spend each week in supplements? What if I could save you that money each month? What I have learned after 15 years of being a naturopathic doctor will shock you. I do not recommend supplements. In fact, I recommend you mostly stay away from them. Today, after all of my training, I am investing my efforts in showing you how to eat properly to best protect your health and live a healthy life full of vitality.

I do recommend some energetic remedies and homeopathics, but I am strongly recommending you avoid particularly multivitamins and nutritional supplementation. Why? Because if you get the food right (not that hard to do!), you don’t need the vitamins. Also, you can’t truly make up for an inadequate diet, or the wrong foods, with vitamins. In addition, I am deeply concerned about the side effects of taking in these supplements, many of which are now produced in China, and are simply isolates separate from the true food and often synthetic in nature.

Do you know the immune suppressive effects of fish oil? Are you aware that some people ended up with higher incidents of cancer from taking a beta carotene supplement? Did you read the study that revealed concerns about taking high doses of Vitamin D daily? Can any of your supplement companies tell you for sure that there are no long term side effects of creating imbalances in the body with their synthetic isolate supplements and vitamins?

I will be doing more detailed teaching about the unfortunate unanticipated and unknown effects of taking supplements and the advantages of allowing many of them to go by the wayside! If you would like to know more, please join me for my 21 Day Detox program beginning on Tuesday, January 24th at 5pm Pacific. I will be sharing the very latest information I have on diet and supplementation and I believe it will both shock and empower you. Hurry, there is still a very short time left to register! Register here! 


Please join me for this incredible program  that will give you plenty of vitality, reduce inflammation and make you excited about eating yummy delicious healthy food again! REGISTER NOW! 

* No juicing required!* *No Green Smoothies required.* *Cutting through the BS info out there*



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