The Frequency of 528 Podcast

Join our The Frequency Podcast each week. It livestreams on Ariel’s YouTube Channel and you can also join us live for the interview at this link- Don’t miss out, JOIN HERE – The Frequency of 528 Podcast Upcoming Episodes Thursday, June 16th, 2022 – Guest is Brigette Liberatore, a Genius Practitioner! She will also be sharing information about her Biocharger Practice. Past Episodes: Special Guest Beth Foley, the Meaning of Numbers. Special Guest Kelley Huggett, let’s talk Young Living Oils and more! Episode 6 Interview with Rukmani Kaur! Episode 5 Interview with Mary Sunshine – Genius Practitioner! Episode 4 Interview with Melina Hashemi Episode 3 Interview with Adina Perales-Magallon Episode 2 Interview with Amanda Gill Episode 1 Interview with Jing Zhou